Full Scientific Papers

A Comparison of Human Machine Interaction in Mixed Reality and CAVE Driving Simulators

Tekcan, Cagdas ( Volkswagen AG); Kroys, Alexander (Volkswagen AG); Kovacevic, Nedim (Technische Universität Berlin); Schulte, Svenja Nicole (Technische Universität Berlin); Stark, Rainer (Technische Universität Berlin); Ortmeier, Frank (Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg)

Development of a Playful VR Training Sequence for a Treadmill-based Pedestrian Simulator

Temme, Gerald (DLR); Fischer, Martin; Melina, Bergen; Gröne, Kilian; Rehm, Michaela; Wegener, Jan

Measurement of tracking setup accuracy for virtual reality driving platforms calibration’s

VISBECQ, Nicolas (AB Volvo); DROUET, Thomas (Renault Group); SALIOU, Tristan (AB Volvo)

Functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) and Eye tracking for Cognitive Load classification in a Driving Simulator Using Deep Learning

Khan, Mehshan Ahmed (Institute for Intelligent Systems Research and Innovation Deakin University Geelong); Asadi, Houshyar (Institute for Intelligent Systems Research and Innovation Deakin University Geelong); Qazani, Mohammad Reza Chalak (Faculty of Computing and Information Technology (FoCIT) Sohar University); Lim, Chee Peng (Institute for Intelligent Systems Research and Innovation Deakin University Geelong); Nahavandi, Saied (Swinburne University of Technonology)

Vehicle-and-driver stability analysis by a simple model and by a dynamic driving simulator

Della Rossa, Fabio (Politecnico di Milano); GOBBI, Massimiliano; Mastinu, Giampiero; Milivinti, Massimiliano; Previati, Giorgio 

Correlations of seat pressure distribution and perception of (dis)comfort in autonomous driving to parametrize digital human models

REINHARD, René (Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics ITWM); HARANT, Monika (Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics ITWM); EMMERICH, Sebastian (Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics ITWM); OBENTHEUER, Marius (Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics ITWM); FAHSE, Niklas (Institute of Engineering and Computational Mechanics ITM, University of Stuttgart); FEHR, Jörg (Institute of Engineering and Computational Mechanics ITM, University of Stuttgart); KLEER, Michael (htw saar); LINN, Joachim (Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics ITWM)

Simulator sickness does not differ between drivers with monocular and binocular vision

KESHAVARZ, Behrang (University Health Network,Toronto Metropolitan University); DE LUCA, Nadia (University Health Network,Toronto Metropolitan University); CAMPOS, Jennifer (University Health Network,University of Toronto); MORO, Stefania (York University); PECK, Katlyn (University Health Network); STEEVES, Jennifer (York University); HAYCOCK, Bruce (University Health Network,University of Toronto)

Advancing ISO 2631-1 by considering pre-emesis symptoms in carsickness

BOS, Jelte E. (TNO); NOOIJ, Suzanne (TNO); SOUMAN, Jan L. (TNO); DIELS, Cyriel (Royal College of Art)

Assessment of a hydroplaning ADAS through a dynamic driving simulator

Montini, Edoardo (Politecnico di Milano); Salierno, Marco; Frigerio, Stefano; Melzi, Stefano

LIDAR Simulation of weather conditions perturbation for an automotive LiDAR sensor

Noutatiem Guiafaing, Youri Mikhail (IRT SYSTEMX); Prabakaran, Sylvestre (AVSimulation); Kone, Tchoya-Florence (VALEO); Ridzuan, Ammar (AVSimulation); Attou, Otmane (VALEO)

Fault Detection and Recovery for Automotive Perception Sensors Based on AI and with Regard to Driver Comfort

Scheffmann, Marco (FKFS); Salah, Alia; Reuss, Hans-Christian

Downsampling for Efficient Tuning of Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Motion Cueing Algorithm

GONZALEZ, Camilo (Deakin University); KOOIJMAN, Lars (Deakin University,Monash University); LIM, Chee Peng (Deakin University); ASADI, Houshyar (Deakin University)

Sequential Motion Cueing Algorithms: Using the Best Algorithm in each Situation

Jacumet, Robert (BMW,Technical University of Munich); Wagner, Sebastian (BMW); Schwienbacher, Markus (BMW); Wollherr, Dirk (Technical University of Munich); Leibold, Marion (Technical University of Munich)

Motion Cueing in BMW’s Driving Simulation Center: Our Experiences Versus Common Knowledge

Kolff, Maurice (BMW,Delft University of Technology); Jacumet, Robert (BMW,Technical University Munich); Venrooij, Joost (BMW); Wagner, Sebastian (BMW); Schwienbacher, Markus (BMW); Peller, Martin (BMW); Pool, Daan M. (Delft University of Technology); Mulder, Max (Delft University of Technology)

Assessment of vehicle dynamics using high-performance driving simulator

FANG, Zhou (Renault); NIDIOT, Jean-Michel; COLLINET, Jean-Christophe; THEILLIER, Dominique; COLOMBET, Florent; WAUTIER, Didier; REGNIER, Stephane

Developing a Methodology to Assess Data Completeness of Driving Scenarios for Testing Autonomous Vehicles: A Focus on ODD-Specific Objectives

Hadj Selem, Fouad (Vedecom); Ben Nejma, Ghada (Vedecom); Kheriji, Walid (Vedecom); Durville, Laurent (Vedecom); Mohamed Cherif, Rahal (Vedecom); Geronimi, Stephane (Stellantis); Arnoux, Emmanuel (Renault)

Optimization of the Steering Feel with Neural Networks for Force Feedback Systems

Dieing, Andreas (FKFS); Baumann, Gerd (FKFS); Knecht, Kevin (FKFS); Kehrer, Martin (FKFS); Reuss, Hans-Christian (Institute of Automotive Engineering Stuttgart (IFS))

Practical Considerations Towards a Common Understanding of Driving Simulator Validity

HIMMELS, Chantal (BMW AG, Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt, Johannes Kepler University Linz); FISCHER, Martin (German Aerospace Center); PARDUZI, Arben (BMW AG); RIENER, Andreas (Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt)

First steps in system identification of TU Dresden’s highly immersive driving simulator from a (N)V(H)-perspective – current progress

Roßmeier, Willy; Stanglmayr (Technische Universität Dresden), Maximilian; Plaettner, Stefan; Prokop, Günther

A multiphysical tire-centered procedure for vehicle digitalization in outdoor virtualized scenarios

Farroni, Flavio (University of Naples Federico II); Minen, Diego (VI Grade S.r.l.); Fichera, Gabriele (University of Catania); Schilirò, Roberta (BE CAE & Test S.r.l.); Napolitano Dell’Annunziata, Guido (University of Naples Federico II); Sammartino, Andrea (Megaride S.r.l.); Montenegro, Massimo (ALMA-tech S.r.l.s.)

Procedural improvement of models and textures of 3D urban scenery: A case study

Garcia de Pedro, Jorge (University of Leeds); Horrobin, Anthony John; Solernou, Albert

Short Scientific Papers

Validation of Hardware for looking around in a VR based Driving Simulation (VALHaLa)

Temme, Gerald (German Aerospace Center); Bergen, Melina; Nicolay, Eric; Gröne, Kilian; Rehm, Michaela; Fischer, Martin 

Integrating Data Sources into the Process of Human Driver Performance Model Development 

Beckmann, Jobst Nikolaus Bertram (Institute for Automative Engineering (ika) RWTH Aachen University); Russ, Fabian; Legran, Philipp; Eckstein, Lutz

Workspace Envelope Manipulation for Stewart-Platform Simulators with Redundant Degrees of Freedom

Legran, Philipp (ika, RWTH Aachen University); Russ, Fabian; Beckmann, Jobst; Eckstein, Lutz

A protocol to evaluate and compare traffic light systems 

BOMPARD, Jules (Université de Lille); MATHIEU, Philippe; NONGAILLARD, Antoine

Variant-aware Reconfiguration of Automotive Virtual Test Environments 

Seidel, Luca (KIT); Guissouma, Houssem (KIT); Schmid, Andreas (Vector Informatik GmbH); Sax, Eric (KIT)

Towards a common understanding of Simulator Sickness

Talsma, Tessa M. W. (Delft University of Technology); De Winkel, Ksander N.; Happee, Riender